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With our team’s wide array of experience with meeting and conference planning, you can always be assured of our expertise in handling ‘personalized’ approaches for all of our clients’ requirements. Relationship with the best suppliers and partners is what we consider as the key for a seamless meeting and conference execution. From housing the delegation to choosing the right venues, our team of industry experts ensures a customize approach for all of the organizer’s requirements. Our destinations offers world-class conference and meeting facilities, along with a fantastic array of hotels with great meeting facilities, traditional and modern restaurants, spectacular sightseeing and evening entertainment options.  This excellent combination of business and leisure facilities makes our destination products the ideal location for your next conference and our team is committed to creating the ultimate conference package for your guests.

Meeting and Conferences Execution

Incentive Travel Programme

Similar to individual requirements with specific preferences, we apply the same to each incentive travel groups. We carefully study each brief, probe, and work closely with the organizers in order to come up with an ideal concept of an incentive program. Our team ensures that the program has a ‘personalized experience’ for the group. With our passion for travel innovation, we know that creating the right program and flawless organization are the keys to the success of any incentive groups.

Our expertise spans up to handling delegation for congress and exhibitions in terms of hotel accommodation, transportation, off-site venues, and etc. We offer excellent industry knowledge and contacts with key suppliers, along with a personal service that can surpass your expectations ensuring the best execution for your Congress and Exhibition needs.

Congress and Exhibition Delegations

Event Management

Not only product launches but we also assist organizers in their concept and execution of any event required during their trip to UAE like; welcome cocktail, gala dinner, and awards night. Selection and recommendations of entertainment and production are also within our grip.

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